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The Wired Generation – should we be concerned?
Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI, FACW, FAAN
We are facing a serious threat, and with time, it will challenge our health and our future. It is no secret that the public is increasingly concerned about exposure, and thus, the IHF has created an EMF Education link to disseminate information about this serious problem and what it means. A serious health threat that every parent should know about – do you mean WiFi and cellular technology?

Is there an invisible danger – wireless radio high frequency signals? Is it unsafe for students, and is it in your child’s school or in your own home? The impact on students’ health is real and is manifested as headaches, eye strain, a feeling that something is in your eyes, dizziness, and increased heart rate. The symptoms appear at school and disappear once the child gets home, if there is no WiFi at home, or if it is turned off when not in use! And cellular phones present similar challenges.

Let’s look at WiFi first:
Children and Wi-Fi Health Risks
For parents, it is important to understand how especially vulnerable children are to EMFs, as their nervous systems are still developing and their skull bones are thinner than those of adults. Studies have now been done which correlate:

So, let’s look at the big picture and the real issues -

Wi-Fi in Schools
More and more schools are installing WiFi throughout their buildings, meaning that kids are exposed all during their school day to the harmful radiation. Even when children are not actively using a computer, they are being bombarded with EMFs.

Wi-Fi in Your Home
At home, many live in the sea of microwave radiation created by the wireless router their parents have installed for everyone’s convenience. Many kids have their own laptops with endless wireless connections.

So, are our kids being exposed to radiation? Are they increasingly sensitive to radiation? Based on studies related to cell phone tower exposure and increasing frequencies, many believe that WiFi can have the same long-term effects as cellular phones – but both are hazardous to our kids’ health. Think about it! Our kids are spending the day under a WiFi tower! In the past few years, WiFi signals have been installed in schools throughout North America – probably in your own community.
Should you be concerned? Should you be proactive in limiting exposure for your own children? We certainly all love the convenience of connectivity – but at what risk?

And, as far as phones are concerned:
Center for Safer Wireless (http://www.centerforsaferwireless.org) is a not-for-profit organization that educates people on how to use technologies like cellular phones and WiFi to reduce their risks of adverse health effects.
So, we have increased awareness – now, what can we do?

Are we unnecessarily concerned? I think not! Be safe rather than sorry! Our kids are our future, and we want to protect that future – and them – at all costs!

The Integrative Health Forum will publish information related to EMF, exposure and health issues. Information will be added as it is made available. We hope that you will use this resource to create a healthier environment in your community and beyond.

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